how to change your thoughts

How One Empowering Mindset Shift Can Elevate Your Entire Life – Self Improvement Article

To become a successful entrepreneur, I had to radically shift the way I thought about myself, my life and success. Taking that long look in the mirror can be a painful process. Most people don’t like what I’m about to say but I need to say it because internalizing this is critical to success. This is the hardest truth I had to face and I imagine it’s going to be tough for you too. You’re exactly where you want to…

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Here’s Why People Change and How You Can Too – Self Improvement Article

Image Credit: Unsplash I was recently participating in a family event. As I was walking by I heard someone saying: “well what can you do about it… That’s her character, and people can’t change.” The fact that people believe that character and attitude can’t be changed always surprises me. I keep hearing this from people who are considered educated yet with all those university degrees, it feels like some very basic truths are missed. Everything is either growing or disintegrating…

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