How to achieve success

The Key Ingredient to Your Success – Self Improvement Article

Image Credit: It always seems to happen the same way. You start a new habit. It’s a great habit. It’s making your day better. In fact, it seems like it will improve your life. If only you could remain consistent. Consistency is the thing that stands between us and achieving the goals we talk about wanting so much. There could be any number of reasons why you don’t feel self-motivated enough to remain consistent with new habits. One reason…

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Key steps to achieve success and find happiness in life

After my interaction with friends and by my own experience, I have realized that everyone knows all the theories and principles about how to be happy and remain motivated to achieve success in life. People would say that they have had enough of theories, if you really want to help then tell us something practically doable. Everybody wants to know the simple and specific how-to-do steps. I want to tell you my friend that there is no fixed methodology to do…

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The Power of Persistence in Hard Times

When you start on an endeavour be it business related or a personal one, there are certain expectations you have. But plans don’t always fall neatly into place and often unforeseen circumstances, delays, and setbacks occur. However, strength and persistence get you across in times like these. You realize that hopes and dreams aren’t enough but instead hard work and dedication are the way to achieve success. This is largely the reason why most people either dread undertaking tasks that…

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The Biggest Reason, I Failed | How to avoid Failure?

  There I was, on a cliff so high, From where, it seemed easy to touch the sky, All I needed, just a pair of wings to fly, But all I did, was cry, cry and cry.   My broken wings, hurting with pain, Saying, there’s nothing to gain, Your efforts always go in vain, All there is, pain, pain and pain,   But my Heart, But my Heart, said, Let’s give it a try, Let’s give it a try,…

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How to Persist and Press on When Things Aren’t Working Out for You

Image Credit: Unsplash Life is filled with ups and downs. And if you are on a journey to achieving the success that you want, there is no doubt you will face some setbacks, challenges, and have to go through tough times. The difference between someone successful and someone who is not is what they do when things are not working out. Successful people choose to persist, press on, and they continue to pursue what they want. Conversely, the unsuccessful often…

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