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5 Design Ideas We’re Totally Stealing from this California Home – – Lifestyle Article

Do you have a list of home projects you’re planning on tackling in 2020? Even if you don’t have a massive renovation on the horizon, there are plenty of small upgrades you can make to your space to make it feel fresh and new. This charming cottage that we spotted on MyDomaine is a great example of how a mostly white canvas can be transformed with the seasons, and how simply swapping out artwork, moving rugs around, and restyling your…

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An Inside Look at This Photographer’s Impeccably Designed Tiny House – Lifestyle Article

At this point, I’m assuming I don’t need to educate any of you on what a tiny house is. We’ve all seen the TV shows and documentaries, and consequently wondered to ourselves if we could ever live in a tiny home… but if I’m being honest, I’ve never personally known someone who adopted a tiny lifestyle. That is, until our photographer friend Kelly Christine took the plunge. Knowing that she’s the talented shutterbug responsible for so many of our favorite features on the blog,…

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