How do you talk about a 7-year gap in employment? – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

It starts with confidently owning that 7-year gap and having an interesting story to tell about it. Most people dream of being able to take that much time off from employment, so be proud that you were able to do it. I wrote an article about the power of a “gap year.” While your duration was much longer, my recommendations are the same. Taking a “Gap Year” will make you perform better If you want, skip to the bottom of the story and…

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Why is an Entrepreneurial Mindset a Hot Quality in Talent Today? – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

When I tell people that the career management course I teach at Cabrini University incorporates lessons on emotional intelligence and entrepreneurialism, people ask me what that means, though most of them recognize the problems when entrepreneurial mindsets are lacking among their teams. In my experience, advanced learning institutions want to promote entrepreneurial mindsets, but may think that promoting actual entrepreneurship is at odds with a liberal studies education. Back in 2005, I made plans to earn an MBA in Entrepreneurship.…

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How to Hire a World-Class Assistant – Personal Development Article

Yes, there is! We’ve got some simple steps for hiring and onboarding the world-class help you need. Our own HR manager, Danielle Rogers, joins us on the podcast to empower you to make the most important hire of your career. When we’re through, you’ll have the confidence to take your first step toward ending the overwhelm and getting the help you need.  Here’s a preview of this episode.  Why you’re not done with a hire when you sign the contract.…

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