What AI in the Workplace Can Teach Us About the Future of Work – Productivity Article

Tech often lets us glimpse into the future before it arrives. Think about how social media has completely changed the way we connect both on and offline; the way streaming services have (shifted?) the way we watch television, discover new music, and more. Cultural paradigm shifts are often brought about by game-changing tech- and the recent influx of AI-infused workplace tech suggests we’re set to see massive shifts in how we conduct business in the near future. What can examples…

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Productivity vs Creativity: How to Get Better Results By Doing Less – Productivity Article

Understandably, companies survive by prioritising bottom lines, managing employee productivity, and systematically going through tasks to optimise and ensure profit. However, companies thrive through innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, the kind of box-ticking that ensures company survival oftens inhibits the creativity that allows companies to truly excel. Creativity vs Productivity: Why Is Creative Thinking So Important? In 2017, Mark Cuban declared that creative thinking will become the most sought-after skill within 10 years– and many researchers agree that Cuban is onto…

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