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11 positive approaches to raise healthy eaters – Self Improvement Article

1. Then: We were given a full plate and asked to finish it. Because we should not waste food. Now: Offer a serving of each food. Once the child eats that, ask if she wants some more. Serve the right amount of food as far as possible, or cover and store for later. 2. Then: Telling the child she’s a good eater. Now: Rather than label, encourage. 3. Then: Calling your child picky about food. Now: No labels, please, as…

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All The Benefits of Eating Seaweed and Why I’m Loving It Lately – Lifestyle Article

This is so fucking random, but I’ve been eating seaweed lately. Like a lot of it. There’s this tiny stand at the farmer’s market called Dave’s Korean Gourmet & they have this miso dressing made with pear juice. If you want the exact ingredients it’s: miso, ginger, vegetable brine, apple cider, & pear juice. It’s TO DIE!! They also have this seaweed salad I’m obsessed with. I add sesame seeds & the pear/miso dressing & it’s just the best. I…

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Finding Zen at the dentist’s office – A parent’s guide to zapping your child’s fear of dental visits – Self Improvement Article

Ever heard of white coat syndrome? It is the fear of visiting doctors (and of course, dental visits). Or just about anyone wearing a white coat. Now most adults are terrified of dental visits—so let us not even talk about kids. To prepare them for their first, second or subsequent dental visit, parents can take measures beforehand and vanquish that fear for good. After all, oral care is important and dental visits are unavoidable—so why not make it a happy…

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