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Why Exercise Even If You Don’t Feel Like It — Purpose Fairy

Let me guess, part of your New Year’s Resolution was to “exercise more”. What does that REALLY mean? How do you know if you are doing the right exercises? If you are doing it “more”, are you really getting the benefit you want from said exercise? Are you enjoying the exercising you are doing, or are you just making yourself move because you think this is the way to get that super cute bikini beach body you think you are…

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Why You Should Be Your Number One Priority — Purpose Fairy

There are all sorts of reasons to make yourself your number one priority. If you’re in a relationship, the relationship may end up declining. The job you love may change, leaving you in a new position, surrounded by other people or having to find a completely new job. Your friends may end up with their own priorities that take them away from your friendship a bit. Why You Should Be Your Number One Priority It’s important to focus on yourself…

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