Happy companies

Meet the newest certified Chief Happiness Officers – Positivity Article

Our latest Chief Happiness Officer Academy was a huge hit with 23 engaged participants from 14 countries who are now ready to go out and make workplaces awesome. We were completely blown away by how engaged and passionate the group was and how open they were about sharing questions, stories and experiences. We had a great time going through the latest research and best practices on happiness at work. We also had a fantastic visit to Irma, where their CEO…

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Free webinar June 17: The best (and worst) ways to measure happiness at work + introducing Heartcount – Positivity Article

Most companies conduct regular job satisfaction surveys, but they often don’t work very well and fail to deliver tangible improvements to employees’ perception of their workplace. This leads to increased unhappiness among employees and from there to lower productivity and higher employee turnover. In this free webinar we will cover: Why traditional job satisfaction surveys often fail Why you absolutely should measure happiness at work Better ways to measure happiness at work – ie. more often, more relevant and more…

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