Growing Up

Here’s What They Don’t Tell You About Growing Up – Self Improvement Article

They don’t tell you that at times, you will find yourself at a crossroads and you will have to count on your intuition and your gut to lead you. They don’t tell you that even if you have all the signs in the world, if you don’t think a road is for you, you will have to walk another one alone. They don’t tell you that sometimes you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere, living a life you…

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A Brief History Of All The Times You Didn’t Show Up – Self Improvement Article

Ümit Bulut / Unsplash The earliest memory I have is of the day you left. I was four. It was nearly five years later before I saw you again. You never stayed long on the days you did show up. I don’t remember many of those days. But I do remember the days you weren’t there. When I was nine, we were going to spend the weekend together. You went out to the bar and left me with a babysitter…

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A Short List Of Things That Only Hurt A Little – Self Improvement Article

1. The moment I saw the dress, I fell in love. It was a soft blue and sparkled in the light, so different from my usual uniform of t-shirts and leggings that the popular girl in my class always made fun of. I wore it proudly to school and smiled so hard it hurt when my classmates complimented me — for the first time in a long time, I felt pretty. Later at recess, I lost my balance on the…

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