5 Ways Being Grateful Benefits You – Proven by Research – Self Improvement Article

“Be grateful for what you have!” You must have been told this a thousand times, especially when things weren’t exactly going your way. Why do people say this? Does being grateful actually help you lead a happier life? If these questions have bugged you even momentarily, we’re here to answer them. It’s not easy being grateful when there’s still so much we haven’t achieved, so many people out there with more than us, and so many problems we face on a…

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45 Things To Be Thankful For Right Now – Self Improvement Article

1. The fact that you are here. You are here right now. You are capable of changing your life at any given moment. 2. The quiet seconds, even if they are just seconds. 3. The time that you’ve been given on this Earth. Even if you haven’t been thankful for it all this time. 4. The first five minutes after you wake up in the morning. 5. The last five minutes before you fall asleep at night. 6. The chaotic…

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