The Freedom to Focus on High Performance Play – Productivity Article

We were delighted to see Rory McIlroy, PGA tour champion and #1 ranked golfer in the world, discuss how he uses Freedom as part of his toolkit for high performance. Drawing on inspiration from Cal Newport’s excellent book Digital Minimalism, Rory uses a range of techniques to manage his time on screens during high-intensity tournament play. These range from locking his phone away in a drawer (a genius move) to using Freedom to limit websites and news sources.“It’s called Freedom, which…

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New Study Unlocks Secret to Improving Your Golf Game – Meditation Article

July 24, 2019 Like many sports, golf requires intense focus. This is why it was only natural that we take a closer look at how meditation can not only improve your performance on the green but also on a variety of other surfaces from the hard court, to ice rinks and grass fields. Many of the world’s greatest athletes have been quoted saying they practice some form of mental conditioning in order to up their game. The perils of losing…

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