Giving Back to Others

Doing a Little Extra | Serviam Partners – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

I have been cutting grass ever since it was one of my chores back in middle school.  After I mowed my lawn this past Saturday, I did my usual edging, weeded the flower beds, trimmed the hedges and blew the dirt and grass clippings off my driveway.  I paused and smiled when I finished as I remembered my father’s constant nudging when I was a kid to always do the “little extra things” that made our yard stand out from…

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The Joy of Work (lessons from a young adult with autism) – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

My oldest son Alex is almost 22 and he has high-functioning autism. He is a wonderful and bright young man with many gifts, balanced to some degree by social quirkiness and other challenges resulting from his autism. When he graduated from high school, my wife and I decided he was not yet ready for the rigors of college and instead focused on helping him find employment and increasing his independence. He has been employed for over three years by a…

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