How These 9 Simple Actions Can Help You Feel Happier (& Get More Grit!) – Positivity Article

By Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP When I entered the positive psychology field, one of the embryonic areas was called “positive interventions,” which was the identification of actions that could boost a person’s emotional flourishing. The list of proven interventions that worked for most people was small at that time, but ten years later, dozens of countries have produced thousands of pieces of research on what works to amplify our well-being. Now the popular terminology for this area is “wise interventions,”…

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How to Do Hard Things & Struggle Well (& Why It’s Worth It!) – Positivity Article

By Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP The Tong Leong School of Martial Arts is the last martial arts academy many would expect to find in the privileged community of Bethesda, Maryland, where most youngsters are accustomed to easy lives of high-quality schools, first-class sports opportunities, and bright futures. Unlike the pervasive “McDojos” that serve up black belts once you’ve paid a certain amount of money or spent a specific number of months at different ranks, at the Tong Leong School you…

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6 Questions To Help You Cultivate Authentic Grit – Common Ground Magazine – Positivity Article

The following is an excerpt from Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Persistence and Purpose (SoundsTrue 2017), by Caroline Adams Miller, which appeared in the December/January 2018 edition of “Common Ground Magazine,” in the San Francisco/Bay Area.  To see the article online, click here.  The article is on pages 38 and 39.   This is only a snippet of a positivity article written by Caroline Adams Miller Read Full Article

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