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7 Essential Mindset Shifts From Gary Vaynerchuk That’ll Help You Have an Amazing Life – Self Improvement Article

Does the following sound familiar to you? You feel trapped in your life. You try so hard to keep it all together, but nothing seems to go your way, and no matter what you do, those dreadful events keep on coming. Because of this, you have no motivation left to get up in the morning. You isolate yourself and don’t want to see friends or family because you just don’t want to endure this life any longer. If this describes…

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How The CHO of VaynerMedia Is Changing The Way We Work – Self Improvement Article

To be successful in the new age of small business, you need to think about things in new ways, you need to do things in new ways, as well as say goodbye to habits and dogmas that no longer serve you. One of the biggest concepts that needs to change is how you view work. No longer are you confined by corporate policies or expectations around the hours you work.  Most business owners are paid for the end product, the…

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Top 25 Compelling Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes 

Have you seen the hashtag on Instagram #askgaryveee. If so then you probably already know who Gary is. Vaynerchuk popularly known as Gary Vee is a serial entrepreneur,  public speaker, CEO, investor, author, and famous internet personality residing in the United States. He is an inspirational figure who grew his family run business from $3M to a $60M in just five years. Vaynerchuk cofounded VaynerMedia, one of the leading New York-based digital marketing companies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture…

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How Corporate Executives Are Building Personal Brands and Why It’s Working

Image Credit: Unsplash Reality television captivated audiences back in 2009, with shows like Jersey Shore and Mob Wives, it was the golden age of trashy television drama and we couldn’t get enough of it. Fast forward to 2019, entrepreneurs, influencers, and most recently c-level executives, are using those same tactics (minus the trash) to build large followings, and grow their personal brands. Technology has given every small and large business owner, employee, or student the ability to make a name…

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