I Spent Years Looking for Happiness in the Wrong Places – Motivational, Self Improvement Article

“Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.” ~Unknown About ten years ago I made the mistake of re-reading my journal from high school. Wow, was I ever a miserable, slightly unstable person. I dated the same (great) guy for three years, but looking back over my handwritten confessions, you would have thought I was dating Mussolini. I had endless complaints, wanted to control everything my boyfriend did, and every other word I wrote was a gripe.…

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No Direction In Life? These Are 5 Things You Can Do To Find Your Direction – ShianG KeR

When I was back in my former secondary school and had a discussion with headmistress, I asked what’s the biggest challenge for teenagers these days. She straight away pointed out that the students (majority of them) are lack of direction in life. No goals, no objectives. I almost blurted out that, “Even adults a lot of them don’t have directions too”. Few months ago I met a Fengshui consultant, he volunteered to analyze my destiny by looking at my birth…

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How to Get Anything You Want in 2017 (5 Easy Steps Action Plan)

Do you want to start your 2019 like a champion and accomplish everything you want? Do you want to be more successful, more productive and more loving? Do you want to improve the quality of your life and the ones that you love? Then this little guide is what you need. Maybe you want to lose more weight and have that body shape you always dreamed about. Or maybe you want to make more money, so you can have more…

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