26 Hilarious Jokes About Making A Living As A Writer – Personal Development Article

These jokes from a recent Twitter thread will have you laughing (or crying) into your coffee. 1. Since I’ve become a full-time freelancer, I’ve made quite a few sales. My car, my house, my clothes… 2. What type of blood does a proofreader have? Type O. 3. Excited by a friend’s first story sale, one asks what she’s going to buy with the money. She shrugs. “I don’t know, a candy bar?” 4. What do you get when you cross…

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50 Comebacks That Will Shut Down Any Argument – Self Improvement Article

Here are some hall of fame insults heard by the people of Ask Reddit. 1. If you were a spice, you’d be flour. 2. You’re so ugly, you couldn’t even arouse suspicion. 3. You’re like the first slice of bread in the packet, everyone touches you but no one wants you. 4. You’re as sharp as a rubber ball. 5. Me: Singing along to Fleetwood Mac. Friend: Who sings this? Me: Fleetwood Mac. Friend: Yeah, let’s keep it that way… 6. If you had a brain…

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