The Emperor’s New Clothes: A Story About Embracing Authenticity and Courage – Meditation Article

Have you ever done something that wasn’t quite authentic simply to impress other people? Have you ever gone along with something that didn’t feel right out of fear of what others might think of you if you spoke up? There’s a story about this you might remember from your childhood. Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ is a fairy tale about two con men who pretended to be weavers and convinced the Emperor they had a magical fabric with…

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How to Develop True Confidence (and Let Go of Approval-Seeking) – Meditation Article

What is true confidence? There are a lot of misconceptions about confidence. People sometimes assume it’s a product of achieving something in particular, having nice things or looking a certain way. Some people try to talk themselves into confidence by thinking positive thoughts. But both of those kinds of confidence are both artificial and shaky. What if your looks change or you don’t achieve a goal? What happens when you compare yourself to someone else who seems better? And as…

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