friendship with God

37 Life-Changing Lessons to Learn from St. Teresa of Avila — Purpose Fairy – Self Improvement Article

With a heart inflamed with love, St. Teresa of Avila taught people one of the most powerful lessons – to look for God within themselves; To pray with their own words and to seek to hear God’s voice – not Outside themselves, but in their own Interior, which she called, the “Interior Castle.” And in today’s post, you will discover, not just that one powerful lesson, but many others that can transform you and your whole life. 37 Life-Changing Lessons…

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Making Friends – Ignatian Spirituality – Spiritual Article

My son began attending a new school this month. As we pulled up to the front entrance, he was wondering aloud whom he would sit with at lunch. While he has a couple of friends who attend his new school, they have a different lunch schedule. He stepped out of the car—excited, hopeful, and a little apprehensive—and off he went. He’s entered that age when there’s no looking back after exiting. Gone are the days of that broad, beaming smile…

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