Free Will

The Benefits of Thinking About Thinking – Self Improvement Article

Metacognition means “thinking about thinking.” It’s essentially introspection into the nature of one’s mind. A question that has likely been around since the dawn of man’s ability to think, included the oldest philosophers who wondered…”Who am I?” or “What is a mind?” or “What are thoughts?” Today, psychologists are beginning to apply the principles of metacognition to mental health. Metacognitive therapy (MCT) is a newly growing form of therapy that explores how we view our thoughts, and our beliefs about…

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Why Continue With Asking Questions About Faith? – Spiritual Article

When I first started doing some research for this post, one example that came up, in different forms, was dieting. A person who wants to lose weight has finally decided that it’s not next week, not tomorrow, but today. Now. And then he or she is confronted with a slice—in fact, a wedge—of black forest chocolate cake. The struggle ensues. It’s only a slice of cake; it won’t make that much of a difference, now, will it?But this isn’t a…

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The Art of Taking a Step Back – Self Improvement Article

When something happens to us in life, our instinct is often to immediately take action and respond to it. Make a mistake at work? Slam the desk. Someone pisses you off? Snap back at them. Want that slice of cake? Grab it and take a bite. Someone cuts you off while driving? Honk your horn and throw up the middle finger. React. React. React. Life is one continuous cycle between things happening to us and us responding to them. And…

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