financial independence

Better Living through Budgeting *

Budgeting is difficult! It takes commitment, determination, and sacrifice to make and stick to a budget. If, however, you’re able to stick with it, you’ll find that it has many benefits that lead to better living. My girl and I started budgeting a few years ago. We follow the “envelope system”.  Basically you give each dollar of your monthly salary a name or category (e.g. groceries, utilities, mortgage, etc.) then get cash for each (e.g. $500 for groceries). You use…

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How to Become Wealthy with Self-discipline *

All self-made billionaires have something in common: they have the best habits that help them make a fortune. Basically, applying the same habits to our life is the recipe of how to become wealthy. In order to change our lives, we have to change ourselves. What is self-discipline? Self-discipline means the effort we make to do what we have to do, even when we aren’t in the mood for doing it. There’s no quick way around it and there’s no payoff without…

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