Financial Goal Setting

5 Steps for Achieving Your Retirement Financial Goals – Productivity Theory – Productivity Article

Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Facebook Even if you adore your job, chances are you dream of hanging up your apron someday. The time to start saving is now, not several years down the line. You never know what life has in store, and the larger your nest egg when things are going well, the more security you’ll enjoy.How can you get on track with achieving your financial goals for retirement? Taking a step-by-step approach minimizes your frustration while getting you to…

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6 Financial Planning Steps for Going Back to School – Productivity Article

Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Facebook Many Americans, even those with satisfying and lucrative careers, ruminate about the value of furthering their education. Lifelong learning offers a host of benefits, from expanding career prospects to furthering individual understanding of the world we share. Many scientists believe continuing to stretch our horizons over our lifetimes helps stave off age-related cognitive decline. However, few educational pursuits come with a $0 price tag. Those who dream of going back to school do well to take…

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