The Creepiest Thing Happened When I Broke My New Year’s Resolution – Personal Development Article

Every year, I make the exact same resolution. To join a gym and exercise every single morning. Of course, it never sticks. I make it and break it, make it and break it. The cycle eternally repeats itself. But last year, something changed. In the middle of December, I went to the annual Christmas party my boss threw. He would always add a gimmick in order to encourage more people to attend. A magician. An acrobat. A clown. A juggler.…

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Buy Those New Security Camera Doorbells – Self Improvement Article

Instead of ordering pizza over the phone, I use an app. Instead of getting rung up by cashiers, I use the self-checkout. Instead of making small talk with strangers on the train, I thrust my head in a book. I’m an introvert. I’m anxious. And I’m highly, unhealthily paranoid. I avoid talking to people at all costs in order to protect myself, emotionally and physically. I’ve read too many stories online about murderers and rapists. I take as many precautions…

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A Sneak Peek of My First Novel – Self Improvement Article

I’ve created something new, and I’m both excited and nervous to share it with you. I wrote a novel called The Breakdown, which I’ll be releasing this summer! And…it’s part of a 3-book series, which will all be released by the end of next year! So this is good news, right? I’m a writer, and I’ve written something that I’m proud of, that I can fully stand behind. I feel that I’ve given the main character a voice that needs…

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