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Why Every Woman Needs to Keep a Self-Discovery Journal: 7 Powerful Benefits to Journaling – Abundance Life Coach for Women – Self Improvement Article

Do you have a Self-Discovery Journal whereby you write your reflections and keep notes so that you can discover more about yourself? If you don’t, I highly suggest starting one for reasons that I’m about to share in this article. If you’ve been going for psychic readings, doing personality quizzes and strength finder tests, you’d be interested to know that you can also access answers from within. Heck…you don’t need to go on an expensive “Eat Pray Love” round the…

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30 Positive Affirmations for Female Entrepreneur – Abundance Life Coach for Women

If you are aspiring to be a successful female entrepreneur, this article is specially written for you. It applies if you are a self-employed professional such as a life coach, energy healer, a network marketing professional, financial services provider or a real estate agent and you are hoping to create a thriving business consciously. According to stats published by small biz trends (refer to reference below), 34 percent of female entrepreneurs say that they are struggling while 20% of entrepreneurs…

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