The Negative Impact of Not Feeling Your Feelings – Happiness Article

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.” ~Sidney Banks I spent most of my life scared of my feelings. Having feelings and expressing them made me mentally ill—or so I was led to believe by a large number of mental health professionals. When I felt sad, they labeled me as depressed. When I showed any signs of anxiety, they gave me another list of mental health disorders…

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The Love Of Your Life, Dream Job And Perfect City Will All Make You Feel These 8 Things

Figuring out whether or not something is truly right for you isn’t always an intuitive process. Sometimes, the things you’re meant for will scare you. Sometimes, they’ll surprise you. Sometimes, they’ll fill you with joy, and other times, confusion. When something is right for you — truly, completely right — you’ll experience a process of acceptance, self-awareness and ultimately, ease. Whether it’s your relationship, your job or your city, here’s how to tell you’re on the right path: 1. You’ll…

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