7 Signs Your Parents’ Love Was (and Is) Conditional – Motivational, Self Improvement Article

“The beauty of the truth; whether it is good or bad, it is liberating.” ~Paulo Coelho It’s around the time of your mother or father’s birthday. You browse through the card aisles of your local store getting more and more frustrated because you cannot relate to any of the cards you read. You eventually pick out the most generic birthday card you can find and think, “Okay, I’m off the hook until the next holiday.” Celebrations often bring up a…

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The challenges of true friendship in a changing society – Spiritual Article

He preceded Nathan Hale by almost two millennia, and his cry was almost the same, but far different. He was a Jewish sage who lived around the first century B.C. According to one story of his death, he fell into a coma that lasted 70 years, and when he awoke, nobody knew who he was and all his friends were long dead. His solitude was too much, and he said to God, “Give me friends or give me death!”His name…

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W&D Father’s Day Gift Guide – Lifestyle Article

Every June, as the days get warmer and the nights shorter, we’re faced with the same challenge year after year: finding the perfect gift to give our dads. Today we’re rounding up a few of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas. Continue reading W&D Father’s Day Gift Guide at Wit & Delight | Designing a Life Well-Lived. This is only a snippet of a Lifestyle article written by Team Wit & Delight Read Full Article

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