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Senior Parents at Home: Clever Tips to Keep Them Healthy – Self Improvement Article

There is a time that we have to start taking care of our parents as they took care of us; it’s the circle of life.For many of us, feelings of guilt may accompany the responsibility of taking care of our senior parents. But that’s not a bad thing, it only means that you have been cared for properly as you were young and now you get a chance to repay them.Of course, if they are seniors and healthy, there won’t…

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Digital Detoxing: A Family Necessity Online and Offline

Is your family really together at all the times? No. The truth is that most of the times, we all are engaged or indulged in our digital devices, inspite of being together. This reality may have adverse effects on our relationships as well as on our own health and happiness. That’s why we need digital detoxing. Learn how digital detox has become a family necessity and a solution to many of our mental problems. ~ Ed.   If you do…

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