Falling In Love

11 Ways to Build a Love that Goes the Distance – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

Photo by Julie Cate Photography on Once WedAs previously seen on Wit & Delight Editor’s Note: In 2018 contributor Julie Rybarczyk wrote this post, one that weaves together insights from three women on how to nurture decades-long marriages. Their words of wisdom hold true to this day. We hope you find the nuggets of advice they have to offer helpful in your own lives. Have a great weekend. When the credits roll on Pride and Prejudice I feel two things:…

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He’s Everything You’re Not And I’m Probably Going To Break His Heart – Self Improvement Article

I sneak out of his bed around 3 and gather my clothes from the floor. I don’t bother picking up my heart; I think I’ll leave it there to collect some dust. Maybe it’ll get swept up by the maid on Friday and make its way to the landfill by next week. Outside, I dissolve under the porch light. I miss you. He’s everything you are not, and I hate you, I hate you so very much. Back home, I…

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This Is The Love Story I Am In

The one in which I’m constantly falling in love with the kindness of strangers. Some of who are here for a season to teach me a lesson and some who seem to stay through blizzards, flowers blooming, and sunny days. The one in which I land in Chicago in the hours of the moon, instantly becoming one of my favorite getaways. Where I explore windy rooftops, indoor pools overlooking cityscapes, steamy saunas that lead to no sleep and straight to the…

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