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Behind the Scenes with an Executive Search Consultant – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

What really goes on in the mind of a search consultant? And how can knowing help your C-level job search? To find out, I interviewed Gina Riley, Executive Search Consultant and Career Coach at Talence Group in Portland, OR. She shared with me many things you might expect — and a few you might not! Read on to get a behind-the-scenes look into the world of executive recruiting. Randi Bussin: Thanks for speaking with me, Gina.  When it comes to…

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Find the Hidden Job Market – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

You have probably heard the expressions “hidden jobs,” or “hidden job market” or “unadvertised jobs.” And I bet you are thinking? Why would a company “hide” or not advertise a job? And why should I care? And if I care, then how do I tap these roles? Well the reality is these unpublished roles are THE key to landing fast, especially if you are an executive. After all, who sees job openings on Linkedin for a CEO? Another little secret:…

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