You Can Call Me Georgia – Positivity Article

Something magical happens when you stop caring about what others think of you. You start to taste a level of freedom that questions all of your past decisions. It changes your interactions with people. Your conversations with your boss. Your friends. The whole ecosystem around you. The other day, I met someone ‘important.’  Semi famous. He was so used to people being excited around him. Half way through my conversation I noticed that he was nervous. And I noticed something about…

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Social Comparison and “Keeping Up With The Joneses” – Self Improvement Article

You don’t measure up with anyone, because you can’t accurately compare yourself to others. One of the ultimate traps in life, especially when it comes to our happiness and well-being, is spending too much time comparing our lives with others and trying to measure it in relation to someone else. We compare ourselves in virtually every area of our lives. We compare each other’s homes. We compare each other’s jobs. We compare each other’s bodies. We compare each other’s relationships.…

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In a Divided World, We Need to Choose Empathy – Happiness Article

As I dialed the number, my palms began to sweat. The person on the other end wasn’t a loan officer or angry lawyer; he was an old friend and we were about to catch up. This should all be mildly pleasant but was instead nerve-wracking. You see, I had reached out to him because we had a problem.  Over the years, my friend’s politics and my own had taken incompatible turns. On social media, I saw him growing reactionary; he…

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