The Power of Proving Yourself Wrong – Self Improvement Article

One important attitude behind self-growth in any area of life is: always be open to the possibility that you are wrong about something. Because only by admitting you’re wrong can you truly learn, grow, and change yourself. My favorite way to prove myself wrong is to play “devil’s advocate” toward my current beliefs. I assume the opposite of what I believe is true, and I begin to search for facts and evidence that support this opposing view. Often when I…

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When I Hung Up The Uniform, I Kind Of Fell Apart – Meditation Article

Video transcript: “After eleven years in the Marine Corps and multiple tours overseas and really all over the world, I got out. And when I hung up the uniform I kind of fell apart. The traumas that I brought into the Marine Corps caught up. That led to a pretty detailed plan for suicide. “I realized that that’s not my birthright, and actually I need to try something different. So I called the executive director of Boulder Crest and said…

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