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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Martial Arts – Self Improvement Article

We’ve all seen the videos…a person wearing a white uniform and a black belt stares down their opponent; a stack of boards six inches high. They take a breath in, and — wham! — their bare hand whips down and breaks the stack cleanly in half. The broken boards tumble to the ground, and the breaker walks away triumphant.I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not powerful enough to do that, forget it! I’ll just watch. Why would I need to…

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5 Skills I Learned in the Military That Helped Me Become a Successful Entrepreneur – Self Improvement Article

The moves I’ve made in my career from the military, to the mining industry, to running a multinational business in Latin America, aren’t linear. It’s not every day an ex-Australian military officer finds their niche in Latin American business. Graduating from Australia’s Royal Military College and Defense Force Academy, I served as a commissioned officer in the Australian Army for nearly 11 years, completing operational tours to Central Asia and the Middle East. The transition from various Army engineering and…

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