15 Signs You Are A Spoonie, Someone Who Suffers From Chronic Pain

When you are a spoonie, getting through each day is a struggle. Christine Miserandino, an award-winning blogger, coined the phrase spoonie to describe her struggle with Lupus. However, there are many endometriosis patients who also consider themselves spoonies. What is a spoonie? A spoonie is anyone who easily gets their energy depleted due to their chronic pain. Miserandino explained her struggles to a friend by placing a handful of spoons on a table to symbolize her daily energy reserves. She explained how…

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This Is What Endometriosis Really Is — Because It’s More Than Just A Painful Period

Endometriosis is the name of a chronic illness that occurs when the tissue that makes up the the lining of a woman’s womb is present on other organs inside of her body. In a healthy body when a woman goes through her period, the tissue that lines their uterus goes into their body and is discarded. However, with someone who suffers from endometriosis, that tissue sheds itself, but has nowhere to go. Often debilitating, misdiagnosed and dismissed, Endo is an…

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