How to Get Out of That Funk – Productivity Article

Do you ever find yourself in a funk? I sure do. Once I was on the road, preparing to deliver a speech. I love speaking, but I was experiencing an unusual amount of distraction and self-doubt. I had about four hours before I went on stage. So, I decided to call my wife, Gail. A Call for Help She instantly knew I wasn’t in a good place. (This is one of the many benefits of long-term marriage. My wife can…

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How Do I Work with My Fear of Other People’s Anger? – Meditation Article

You can’t stop people from being angry at you, advises Insight Meditation teacher Gina Sharpe, but you can change how it makes you feel. Photo by Jonathan Emmanuel Flores Tarello. Question: Buddhists talk a lot about working with your own anger, but what about other people’s anger? One of my main problems in life is that I’m afraid people will get angry at me. That makes me vulnerable, lack strength, and fear conflict. I am easily hurt by anger, and…

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