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Are Relationships Actually the Ultimate Spiritual Practice? – Spiritual Article

The idea of a perfect relationship is as flawed as the idea of a perfect man or woman, yet so many of us entertain this idea, consciously or not. Often, when we enter into a new relationship, things are perfect at first. We feel so in love that we see everything through those ‘love goggles.’ Colours are brighter, we want to dance to music, everything tastes great and sex is amazing.Then, one day, our new partner might say or do…

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True Creativity Lies Beyond the Surface Mind – Self Improvement Article

I have already shared how A New Earth book was written by Eckhart Tolle. The book came into existence effortlessly, because it was already written in the spiritual form. So since Eckhart Tolle dwelt in the now, the book was able to easily come through him. This is the true creativity. The surface mind is not creative. It can only contribute to the chaos and noise of the world with its “creations”. It just forms and reforms that which is; but…

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