Three Revelations From the Earth to Humanity Amid Crisis – Spiritual Article

Dear Humanity,Earth here. Remember me? This is your eternal mother who feeds you, quenches your thirst and gives you this gift of life. It has been a long while since I last wrote to you, but I feel obliged to share my thoughts amid the health crisis you currently face.First, let me say that I’m truly sorry for the heavy loss of life that you’ve endured. I didn’t intend for this virus to have such a devastating impact on you.…

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How to Prevent a Negative Environment From Affecting You – Self Improvement Article

The surrounding conditions of a home exert powerful influence over all its inhabitants and should never be underestimated. Even if your natal chart shows luck in a certain department of life, the environment can deny its manifestation because of the lack of available facilities for that luck to express itself. The greatest care should be selected, therefore, where one lives. Usually higher and dryer places are better than lower and damp places; according to Feng Shui, one should not live…

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Occult Meaning of the Moon – This Luminary in Ancient and Occult Writings

In this post I have gathered important occult and astrological writings about the Moon for easier personal reference and hopefully this will be useful for some of my readers as well. You can read about the occult Sun information here.  General occult and astrological information about the Moon The Moon was called in ancient days Lucina, Cynthia, Diana and Noctiluca. She is closest to the earth out of all the planets. She travels through all the zodiac signs in around…

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