Pediatric ER doctor asks for tablets so isolated COVID-19 patients can talk to their loved-ones – Positivity Article

For her birthday this year, a pediatric ER chief at a New York hospital thought of doing something for the greater good. Instead of getting herself a gift, the doctor wanted to help the people suffering most from this current health crisis: patients sick with COVID-19. Dr. Ee Tay learned from her colleagues at the Bellevue Hospital that many COVID-19 patients were feeling lonely while recovering, but the worse cases are dying alone. No one is allowed to visit them…

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What to do if your depression is worse in the a.m. – Spiritual Article

Your alarm goes off—again. You know you should get out of bed, but instead, you hit the snooze button. The thought of facing the day can wait for another nine minutes. Or hours. Nearly everyone experiences the occasional morning when the siren song of the comforter sings more sweetly than any obligations. Plus, let’s face it—few of us awaken to stretch languidly like Snow White, while flocks of birds make our beds for us—those slacker chickadees!However, if you find it challenging…

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