“Distraction Starts from Within; It is Our Never-ending Search for an Escape from Psychological Discomfort.” – Personal Development Article

Interview: Nir Eyal I’ve know Nir for years now. How do we know each other? I don’t even remember! I’m a huge fan of his first book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, which I found very useful when I was working on my book Better Than Before, all about habit change. I also attended his first conference, Habit Summit, which is where I met the brilliant folks at Aperio Insights who designed my quiz for the Four Tendencies framework.…

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Sleepy Mind, Monkey Mind – Lion’s Roar – Meditation Article

Anita Feng shares how to stop going back and forth between drowsiness and “monkey mind.” Photo by Andre Mouton. Question: When I’m meditating, I mostly flip-flop between trying not to fall asleep and getting lost in my thoughts and fantasies. How do I stop going back and forth between drowsiness and monkey mind? Anita Feng: Whenever you wander into the stupor of sleepiness or the labyrinth fantasies of the monkey mind, just note this occurrence. There is no need to…

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Introducing Limit – A Free Extension for Limiting Distracting Sites – Productivity Article

We’re excited to announce Limit by Freedom – a free Chrome extension that allows you to set limits on distracting sites – helping you browse more mindfully and intentionally.The internet is an endless source of distraction that can pull you away from your most important work for hours at a time. Most of us have firsthand experience with how easy it is for quick checks and searches to turn into hours of wasted time.Whether on Facebook, email, or The New…

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