dissolving the ego

Why the Spiritual Path Is Critical in Turbulent Times – Spiritual Article

Changing, turbulent times bring a great deal of fear and anxiety for people, and that’s one of the main reasons spirituality is so important.The path to spiritual freedom is about dealing with our ego triggers that cause the fear and anxiety. As we mature on the spiritual path, we realize that the external world will always be changing. There’s no way to make it consistently “safe.” Usually, those attempts lead to control or trying to hide from everyone and everything.…

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How to Deal with an Existential Crisis – Spiritual Article

Existential crisis.I hear this term get thrown around a lot.According to dictionary.com, an existential crisis is “a psychological episode in which a person questions the meaning of their life and of existence itself.”I would define it this way:”An existential crisis is a realization or series of realizations where the ego self discovers that it is full of sh*t and that its ideas about how life should be and how the person should be are actually wrong.”People don’t like this experience,…

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