Mindfulness: Developing Spiritual Awareness Through Meditation and Prayer – Spiritual Article

 It’s not always easy to sit down and meditate, but practice makes perfect! If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t do silent or meditative prayer, this video is for you. In it, I go over some simple methods to warm up to silent prayer exercises that build on mindfulness. Mindfulness, explained simply, is about focusing our awareness on the present. Often, it’s confused with an idea that claims that we ought to find peace by completely clearing our minds —…

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Social Media Marketing in Spiritual Direction – Use It, Lose It, or Abuse It – Spiritual Article

Spiritual directors constantly weigh the pros and cons of marketing our service on the internet. As you can probably tell, I’m very pro marketing and encourage colleagues to use it in any way that suits them and honors the sacredness of the practice. Social media is one area that requires constant discernment for me. I waver between “use it, lose it, or abuse it.” Use itYes, I’m on twitter (@teresa_blythe) mostly, and Facebook ( now and then. And I have…

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