Dal is the Easy Dinner Recipe You Need In Your Life – Lifestyle Article

There are only a handful of recipes that have the power to take me back to my growing up years. And I’m not talking about those foods that remind me of grand memories or any sort of life-changing event. It’s a simple dal that my mom placed on our dinner table that we spooned over rice on the most average of weeknights that stands out in my mind and takes me back home. For many of my favorite childhood meals, I have…

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This is Exactly How to Grill the Perfect Steak Every Single Time – Lifestyle Article

When summertime hits, Adam and I start compulsively inviting friends over for dinner parties, poolside afternoons, sunset barbecues, even brunches on the patio. Thankfully I married a guy who shares my affinity for being in the sunshine surrounded by friends and great food (and he also loves rosé as much as I do, so we’re basically the same human). Anyway, since we both prefer to hang out with our guests than be stuck in the kitchen all night, we’ve mastered a…

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