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Using Artificial Intelligence To Generate Blog Posts – Self Improvement Article

This year I focused on learning as much as I could in areas related to my current job – programming, that is. More specifically, I wanted to ramp up my skills in blockchain and artificial intelligence. As some of you probably know already, I have a constant activity in a few blockchain projects out there, so I’m relatively up to date with the latest developments. Not something that I could tell about my AI expertise, though, at least at the…

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A Digital Nomad Toolkit – Dragos Roua – Self Improvement Article

Living off the grid, traveling often and working from coffee shops, all of these are – theoretically – enjoyable things, but, as any activity, they have various degrees of efficiency. For instance, you may travel often, but you may not alway get the best travel or accommodation deals, because, well, reasons. Or you may try to work from coffee shops, but you’re too dependent on their WiFi (which, more often than not, is shaky). In short, all these activities are…

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