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Traits Required To Start A Career In Digital Marketing – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

A career in digital marketing has been one of the most promising and lucrative careers in the past few years. Many students across education streams, be it engineering or commerce have taken the plunge into the non-tech world of digital marketing.This trend is only growing and it’s not surprising because digital marketing has been occupying a major part of the marketing strategy for most companies and organizations. While there are now colleges and special institutes which offer courses in Digital…

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4 Reasons Why Your Competitors Are Doing Better Than You – Self Improvement Article

Spirituality is a force that keeps the whole universe in balance! It is the beauty of spirituality that we as humans are residing on this planet with harmony. It is the splendor of the two spiritual elements – yoga and meditation that humanity has been flourishing in the finest way possible. The history of spirituality can be traced back to the Vedic era and since then it has been guiding us to the height of blissfulness. Today, yoga and meditation…

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5 Digital Marketing Habits Geared for Success in 2019 – Self Improvement Article

Image Credit: Unsplash The digital marketing landscape is in constant flux. New social platforms are born daily, while others fizzle out, and search engine algorithms are updated hundreds of times a year. What worked last year may not work this year. The reasons you need a digital marketing strategy remain similar each year, but to be successful in 2019, you should practice the 5 digital marketing habits below. 1. Know Thyself and Thy Industry Before you can begin to promote…

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