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How Your Phone Is Ruining Your Relationships – Productivity Article

Do you remember the original premise of the iPhone? It was supposed to primarily be an MP3 player and phone in one — a combo iPod and cellphone designed to make it easy to listen to music and make phone calls. But since those early days, the smartphone has evolved into much more than a hybrid music/calling device. It has become a central hub for most of our online activities. We now do hundreds of activities on our phone, from answering…

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Introducing Limit – A Free Extension for Limiting Distracting Sites – Productivity Article

We’re excited to announce Limit by Freedom – a free Chrome extension that allows you to set limits on distracting sites – helping you browse more mindfully and intentionally.The internet is an endless source of distraction that can pull you away from your most important work for hours at a time. Most of us have firsthand experience with how easy it is for quick checks and searches to turn into hours of wasted time.Whether on Facebook, email, or The New…

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How to Block YouTube | Freedom Matters – Productivity Article

YouTube is arguably one of the most addictive sites on the internet – and not just because it’s the official home of the internet’s cat videos. Part of YouTube’s mass appeal is that it doesn’t discriminate: there’s a Youtube channel for everything. You can use it to learn to cook, take part in exercise classes, learn from the world’s brightest minds, gossip about people you know (and people you don’t), and ironically, figure out how to be more productive. These…

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