The Devonshire town that transformed local democracy – Positive News – Positivity Article

As part of our United Kingdom of Solutions focus, we meet deputy mayor and deputy chair of Buckfastleigh town council, Pam Barrett. The south Devon town’s ‘indie council’ aims to prove that local democracy doesn’t have to be boring, archaic or ineffectual “I always say to people, if you’re going to wait for your district council, county council or the national government to sort out the social issues in your town, you’re going to be waiting an awfully long time.”…

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What Does It Mean to Be an Engaged Citizen? – Happiness Article

This year’s Independence Day marks the 243rd birthday of the United States—a country that today has a population of around 330 million people from all walks of life. Our growing diversity, combined with an increasingly polarized politics, challenges us to imagine what a modern American civic identity looks like. America is not the same country it was decades ago, so it makes sense that our view of what it means to be a citizen in today’s America would evolve, as…

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