5 Feng Shui Tips for a Happy and Prosperous New Year – Spiritual Article

Happy New Year and happy new decade! Here are 5 straightforward feng shui tips that will help you call in health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness in the new year ahead. To reiterate what I said in greater depth in the video, clearing clutter and cleaning are both all around good ideas for raising your vibration and attracting all wonderful things. Also: Take a look at your front door. Feng shui teaches that the front door is one of the most…

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Clutter Clearing Motivation JUMPSTART – Spiritual Article

If you’re looking for decluttering inspiration, you are in the right place! This video will jumpstart your clutter clearing motivation and get you clearing clutter right away. Did this video inspire you to start clearing clutter? Please share in the comments below. You may also like: The 3 Biggest Clutter Clearing Excuses…Debunked! How and Where… This is only a snippet of a Spiritual article written by Tess Whitehurst Read Full Article

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How to be Lucky and Have Good Karma – Spiritual Article

Contrary to what many believe, luck is not a fixed quality: you can absolutely change your luck for the better. In fact, you can make a lifetime project out of constantly improving your karma and increasing your luck. Here are some places to start. Here’s a checklist of what I went over in the video for boosting your karma and luck: Clear your clutter Assess and rewrite limiting beliefs and stories Say or write affirmations Perform rituals Get your energy…

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