Our Choices as God Might See Them – Spiritual Article

The Christian faith has always taken seriously the matter of discernment. What choice will I make? We must choose constantly, through our daily routines as well as major life situations. We want to make the right choice, the one that will please God, the one that will help us prosper and be content. We know that a wrong choice can sometimes have disastrous consequences. Thus, we endeavor to make our discernments in the context of prayer, wisdom, and good counsel.…

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How to Make Great Decisions in Life + Business – Self Improvement Article

Aah. Decisions. Should I do this, or that? Should I follow my passion, or should I take the “safe” road? Our lives are made up of decisions. How you make those decisions determines your life. But it’s not just how, but from where you make decisions. That’s what many people miss. They may achieve success, but without following their inner authority, they may never achieve satisfaction. Make Good Decisions — The Video So how do you make good decisions both in life…

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