Death and Dying

Are People Who Had Mental or Emotional Illnesses Okay When They Reach the Other Side? – Spiritual Article

Recently I did a reading for a mom whose 10-year-old autistic son was tragically killed in a car accident. She was so distraught about the death, but what really haunted her was wondering if he was “okay” on the other side. She wanted to know if he carried his autism into the afterlife, and she wanted to know if someone was taking care of him. I reassured her that her son was absolutely fine and intact on the other side,…

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Can Deceased People Visit You Even If They’ve Crossed Over? – Spiritual Article

I was doing a reading the other day and my client asked me, “I know my mom is around me because I feel her all the time, but I’m worried because I don’t want her to be stuck here looking after me and my family when she could be enjoying Heaven. But admittedly, I don’t want her to go either because then I will be very sad. What can I do?”There is a misconception that if a deceased person is…

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