Dealing with Fear

Introvert Whisperer / Should You Tell Your Employer About Mental Health Issues? – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

We have made some enormous strides in addressing the challenges which surround mental health. The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 4 of us are affected by mental health, and as a society we’re starting to understand the ramifications of this. There are campaigns that are geared toward encouraging an open dialogue and preventing the rise in suicide rates.   That said, it’s still difficult to argue against the fact that there remains a lot of stigma surrounding…

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Introvert Whisperer / How to be a More Spontaneous Introvert – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

These days it seems that anyone short of a social media “influencer” can declare “I’m an extraverted introvert!” It’s like a sugarcoated way of saying “I’m normal, but I’d like to appear nuanced.”We’ve all had days when we feel shy. But for a true introvert, getting out and trying new things is a big challenge. If you’re reading this, maybe you know what that’s like. Breaking the ice and getting comfortable going “off-plan” can be hugely liberating, but it’s…

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