Awakening the Teacher within You – Positivity Article

We commonly use the word dharma to “mean purpose in life.” My dear friend & mentor Dr. David Simon taught me another meaning of the word — “essence.” Your essence is the heart of your existence. Your dharma is the essence of you who are. From your essence arise your intentions. Your intentions drive your thoughts. Your thoughts give rise to your words. Your words are translated into actions – your actions into habits of behavior. Your habits of behavior…

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Why We Cling to ‘Familiar Discomfort’… and How to Let Go – Positivity Article

Have you heard this story? It’s a long way around to get to the point of this week’s video, but here we go! As a child, because I felt I did not have a voice at home or receive the attention I craved, I cultivated a Winning Formula based on being funny. I realized early on that people respond to humor, and that if I injected comedy into a given moment, I would receive the attention I felt I would…

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