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You’re Not ‘Crazy’ For Getting Attached, It’s Crazy That We Treat Dating So Casually Now – Personal Development Article

When an almost relationship comes to an end, there’s usually not a definitive breaking point. There’s just drifting, fading, and then, of course, an inquiry. You wonder what happened, what went wrong. You want to understand why, despite sharing such a deep connection, it just wasn’t enough to make a full commitment. It’s usually at that point you’re chastised for being attached. It was nothing, they’ll say, if you get a response at all. It was just a hookup. They told you…

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50 Newbie Dating Rules For Anyone Putting Themselves Out There For The First Time – Self Improvement Article

1. Remember the Brad Pitt Rule: if she declines a date due to a conflict/other plans and doesn’t offer to go on another time that does work, she’s not into you. (e.g. “Oh, I can’t tonight, but how about Saturday?” = you’re cute!) 2. Don’t make someone your priority when you’re just an option to them. 3. You will meet someone that will make you laugh, will put your stomach in knots every time they talk to you, will make you smile every time their…

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